Software Udates

I have a couple things in the works.

I’ve updated SpectralSea. I had a report of an inability to collect latitude/longitude for the buoys. I made a few tweaks in other items and I added a little window so you can see if it fails to collect Lat/Lon then you will see what web site is was attempting to retrieve this from. Hopefully in the process of updating I fixed a bug I was not aware of. I also addd the ability to share like may of my other apps have. You can send a picture of the buoy plot to email, text message, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

And I am digging into iCloud. I really want to make my GardenCal program workable on both IOS and OS X. So I have two books on iCloud and CoreData that I will dig into over the next month and hopefully the result will be an iCloud enabled GardenCal and a new GardenCal IOS app. Of course my own garden needs work this time of year. And I need to get out and hike, backpack, ride my bike. But I will make time for learning iCloud a priority and hopefully by the end of summer I will have figured it out and can update GardenCal with iCloud.

Wind Barbs

I’ve had several questions over the years about how to read the wind barbs us meteorologists so affectionately call chicken scratches. Below is an image from my PinPointWeather OSX Application that describes how a wind barb works. I hope this helps. The barb below shows a north northeast wind at 65 (it could be 65 knots, 65 mph, 65 meters/sec or 65 km/hour, 65 of what ever units are used to depict the wind).


RAOB Update

I have submitted an update for the Raob IOS App. Because Apple takes a week off for Christmas, it will likely be near the New Year when this update becomes available. I added the same sharing feature so you can post a sounding onto Twitter, Facebook, or otherwise share it. And this update allows you to swipe left/right to move between time on the same sounding location. And swipe up/down to move through your favorites list.

PinPointWx Update

I have submitted my PinPointWx App for an update to take care of a few issues. I added social sharing so you can post the forecast chart onto Twitter, Facebook, or your favorite social media site. I also added some swipe actions so you can swipe up or down to scroll through your list of Favorite locations rather than touching the Locations icon, then selecting your next location.

I also added back in the Text forecast. I took this out for the last update because I was not happy with how it worked. I had a few emails indicating that they missed it. So, its back. Click on the Info icon in the upper left (i) and you can go through the forecast at 3 hour intervals and have a text representation. I did add an up and down arrow to move through the time intervals more sequentially.

Hopefully this new update should be out soon. Be sure to let me know what you think and please leave a review.


Social sharing

So I have an update to PinPointWx and Raob where I have an icon for sharing. Not sure how useful this is but I’ve used it a few times sharing a RAOB and a weather forecast on Twitter.

I also added swipe actions so you can maneuver to the next or previous station in your preferences by swiping up or down. With the Raob program swiping left or right moves forward or back in time 12 hours so if you have several days worth of soundings you can see how the atmosphere sounding changes over time.

Here is a screen shot of PinPointWx showing the share icon in the upper left. On PinPointWx, I have also added back in the screen that shows you the forecast in text like the previous version did. This is accessed by the icon in the upper left of the forecast chart (the circle with the i in it).

Screen Shot 2014-11-28 at 9.59.54 PM

GardenCal Update

I recently updated the GardenCal program for the Mac desktop. This version allows you to print from the Query window, and there is a behind the scenes change to the underlying database. The old version used an XML file to store the data, this has been converted to a SQLite database. My goal is to allow backup to iCloud or Dropbox and then I have an IOS app that can share the data.  So once I figure the iCloud and Dropbox idiosyncrasies, I’ll do another update.