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So one day I was sitting thinking about various clocks available for the iPhone and decided to give this a try. I already had the code for sunrise/set based on the latitude so I thought I'd see what I can do. The screenshot below is the result.

Raob screenshot

Perhpas a bit of explanation is in order.
The hours, minutes, and seconds are fairly easy, they are just circles like the hands of a clock would sweep but the second hand is the smallest, minutes hand bigger, and the hour hand the largest circle. The hour circle is by default based on a 24 hour clock, not 12, you can change this in the settings if you desire. Next is is the month which starts on the left side in purple. January 1 would start at the very bottom, December 31 would find the purple starting at the upper left. The day of the month is drawn proportional up the middle (again in purple). And on the right hand side is the day of the week, Sunday morning at 12:01am would find the purple at the very bottom, Saturday night at 11:59pm would find the purple all the way up the right hand side. So you end up with purple along the bottom based on the month, day of month, and day of week. Finally is the sunrise/set. If you use the 24 hour clock (default setting), when the hour (large blue circle) matches up with the grey lines that is the sunrise/set times for the exact location of the devide (iPhone or iPad).

Raob screenshot showing the details for the sounding

Enjoy, its free.