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This is the way I like to see a forecast for a point. You can easily see how the any forecast weather parameter will change over a 7 day period. Getting warming? The graph rises, getting colder? The graph sinks. Higher chance of rain on a give day? the POP reaches for the top. No smiling sunshine or an umbrella wearing gollashes. Just the weather parameter in an easy to see graph

PinPointWx screenshot

Using the latitude and longitude of the forecast point, the program finds the nearest NWS WSR 88D radar when you touch the "Radar" tab. Below is one of the many radar views available.

PinPointWx screenshot showing wave height

On the "Places" tab, you can touch the right pointing chevron to get details about the point. Bringing up the details page gives you the sunrise/sunset times for this location.

PinPointWx screenshot showing the detail page for the forecast point

Want your units in Celsius and milimeters instead of english units? No problem, just go to the "Settings" tab to change the units to Celsius and milimeters. Settings page on left.
On the right you can see the detail page where you can see all weather parameters on a single page by adusting slider at the bottom.

PinPointWx screenshot showing the settings tab PinPointWx screenshot shoing the forecast details page

Use the Map interface to go to a specific address, or any other well known location (left screen shot below). Or type in any searchable place and the software will tell you it found multiple locations and will go to the first place listed (right screeshot below).

PinPointWx screenshot showing the Map tab with a search result PinPointWx screenshot showing the Map tab with a search result