PinPointWx - Software - OS X - GardenCal

Available in the Mac App store at GardenCal

This is a simple calendar that lets you track "Events" related to gardening. I use this software to track when plants bloom, when I plant my seeds, transplant my plants, when I harvest my crops, when I first work the ground in the sping, etc. You can modify the "Events" to suit your needs. The image below is the "Main" screen showing a calendar and a listing of evetns on a specific day in a table below the calendar. The colored dots on the calendar indicate events that happened on those days.

GardenCal opening screenshot

You can modify existing events by first clicking on an event (shown above), then selecting either Edit, or Delete if you wish to delete that event. The ability to edit events comes in handy so you can add notes later in the year after the plants are growing. You can modify the entry to show the Harvest date, how well the plant produced, or anything else you deem important.

You enter new events by pressing the "Plus" (+) sign in the lower right of the main window. You can modify "Events", and "Providers" through the gear icon in the lower right. You can bring up a window that will list all events based on a query you specifiy with the choices you make. Below is the query window that lets you choose what to query.

GardenCal showing the query window

I have not included an ability to print in this version. If this is something that you want, let me know. I have plans for an IOS version that will work with the same database this desktop version uses. My next update will be to have the desktop version use iCloud for storage. Once the data is on iCloud, it is easily incorportated into an IOS device like an iPad or iPhone. I already have the basics needed for the IOS version, I just need to get this version out so that the conversion to iCloud will be much easier.

If you find this software helpful, please let me kmnow. If there is anything I can do to improve it, let me know.