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Available in the Mac App store at PinPointWeather

This is the way I like to see a forecast for a point. You can easily see how the any forecast weather parameter will change over a 7 day period. Getting warming? The graph rises, getting colder? The graph sinks. Higher chance of rain on a give day? the POP reaches for the top. No smiling sunshine or an umbrella wearing gollashes. Just the weather parameter in an easy to see graph

PinPointWeather screenshot

Interested in wave heights? Near shore areas have wave height information.

PinPointWeather screenshot showing wave height

Want to know what time the sunrise and sunset will be at the given location? hold the mouse over the top portion of the graph and they sunrise/set times will be shown per the image below. Aslo shown is how much rain will fall (QPF), and the cloud cover in percent.

PinPointWeather screenshot showing sunrise and sunset times

Want your units in Celsius and milimeters instead of english units? No problem, just go to the preferences window and change the units to Celsius and milimeters. If you hold the mouse over the lower portion where there is QPF (and snow), and a window showing the total precipitation for the time period greyed out is displayed.

PinPointWeather screenshot showing qpf total and international units

Most of the software is customizable by selecting the "Preferences" menu item under the PinPointWeather menu item in the upper left of the screen. Change the colors of almost anything, change the default display, and change the units. Also, the check box at the bottom asks if you want to display when sunrise/set is by making the chart background a bit darker when the sun is below the horizon. Shown below is the Preferences window.

PinPointWeather screenshot showing the preferences window